Currently wearing Diva of Geneva

23 10 2014




Graduated yesterday with my Masters degree in Applied Psychology and this is the color I wore on my nails –  OPI’s Diva of Geneva. It’s so gorgeous. Especially paired with a black dress and gown and gold hood and shoes. I just can’t get over how pretty it is though. Seriously.

What do you guys think?
What’s on your fingertips right now?



28 08 2014

So it’s been a while since I posted and I am super sorry for this – :'(
but I’ve been crazy busy with work and being cut open and then adventures.

I’m off on another adventure tomorrow actually, I am presenting my research – Body weight as a Motivating Operation: The effect of body weight on demand for food in hens – at a conference in Dunedin, NZ. There is approximately 20 people from my University going and there will be drinking, and I’ve packed a good 7 nail polishes. Should be a great time! You can follow the adventure under the hashtag #nzaba2014 on twitter

What I’m wearing right now is “On her majesty’s service” by OPI. It is a smoky blue grey base with green, blue, gold and pink shimmer which changes in the light. I did find that this formula was quite thin and I needed 3 coats for full opacity. All in all, I love this polish, the colour is gorgeous so here is a couple of snaps :3




Keep painting those nails,

Galaxy baby

8 07 2014

So my flat and I decided to hold a wizardsticks party and my flatmate Sarah decided we should do “Galaxy nails” – I think I am missing some sort of link between wizardry and outerspace but maybe I’m really uncool.

Anyway, we gathered up our nail polishes – We used
– OPI Black Onyx
– OPI Yoga-ta get this blue
– OPI Shorts Story (used in Method Procrastination)
– OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam
– OPI I Juggle Men (Sarah’s – and OMG do I need this polish!)
– ORLY Color Blast in Silver Holo Chunky Glitter (also Sarah’s)

If you would like to create this look, you will also need
– Top/Base coat
– Nail polish remover for any mistakes + Cotton buds
– Make up sponges (You need three)

After applying a base coat, we firstly painted our nails with Black Onyx and waited for it to completely dry. (Sorry I didn’t take photos throughout the process)


Following this, a small about off the dark blue (Yoga-ta Get This Blue) was applied to the sponge (shown below) and dabbed lightly randomly on the nail. Nail polish was reapplied to the sponge after every second-third nail. I left the black mostly showing at the top of each nail and tried to make each nail slightly different.



This was repeated with OPI’s I don’t give a Rotterdam after the dark blue had dried (which was rather quick). Following this, Yoga-ta Get This Blue was reapplied using the sponge technique. This colours were layered on top on one another with some space left so each layer could still be seen in random places.


Then it was time to add the pink. Shorts Story was also applied using the sponge technique on top of the blue-grey-blue combo.


After the nails were then dry, we applied ORLY’s Silver Holo Chunky Glitter.
I found the best way to do this was to basically use the brush to gently apply the bits of glitter where I wanted it. If you brushed the polish onto the nail you could end up with a lot of glitter on each nail which is not the look I wanted so I found it easier to place the glitter on, meaning I could control how much glitter was on each nail. I had between 3-6 pieces on each. I didn’t have a system to where the pieces sat on my mix of colours either.



After this layer was dry, it was time for 2 coats of I Juggle Men, a gorgeous clear polish full of holographic glitter.




I was super proud of these. They were quite easy, not as time-consuming as I thought they would be because each layer did dry really quickly. Some advice: Don’t go too heavy with the pink. Definitely make sure your layers are very dry between colours as picking up the sponge can and will ruin them if you are not careful. Use different sponges for each layer. A paper towel or tissue can be used to get off excess polish if you accidentally apply too much to the brush. Some others recommend cutting the sponge and using tweezers to hold it (to avoid ruining your nails if they’re not quite dry). My main advice is be creative and have fun! Experiment with different colours and textures (I think a textured galaxy would be really awesome – next up maybe ;) )

Well I hope you enjoy; Here are the final pics :D





Thanks for viewing. Comment below.

My Assistant

7 07 2014

The other week I was babysitting my friends’ daughter. She’s six and she brought her nail art kit thing with her (fluorescent colours included – what did I say about them reminding me about being 5 years old in my OPINEONS post?)
So, after attempting a french manicure on a six year old with cheap warehouse nailpolishes, we had a little bit of fun with Jeremy’s flatmate’s nails.

Here’s a couple of snaps of our creation.
She did the orange hand and I did the blue :3






Thesis is in!!

25 06 2014

So my thesis is in! Woohoo

And I want to kick-off blogging again. Hopefully it can be a bit more regular, but we’ll see. I’m taking on a bunch of tutoring this semester and admin for some psych papers at the Uni so I have no idea how much free time I will end up with.

I’d love to cover a more broader range of things (I’ve developed an obsession with lip colours over the past six months and would love to do some swatches and reviews!) I haven’t done too much since handing in other than see a few friends, teach another cat how to play fetch, and get really really drunk.

I have some cute nail posts to catch you guys up on since handing in though… Including but not limited to : Nail art with a 6 yr old assistant, Cats like Solitaire (expect piles and piles of cuteness), and galaxy nails (6 polishes, 10 fingers).

Here’s another cute pic of my face while you await the real good blog posts ;) xo 


with my thesis due date approaching

30 05 2014

it means

1. i don’t remember the last time i painted my nails because i simply don’t have time.
2. i don’t remember the last time i updated my blog.
3. not seeing most of my friends for the past few months.
4. seeing my supervisor every day for the past month.
5. meetings 3 + times a week.
6. getting to sleep before 2am is a rare occurrence.
7. getting up after 8am is a rare occurrence.
8. having brain function enough to spell my own name is a rare occurrence.
9. not cooking.
10. not eating.
11. saying no to all the parties.
12. saying no to all the coffee dates, dinner dates and movie dates.
13. panicking when i also have marking to complete.
14. eating all the dinosaur gummies.
15. not remembering to do important things.
16. ignoring reminders to do important things.
17. panicking in general.
18. writing and rewriting how wonderful people are in my acknowledgements because it makes me feel productive.
19. staring at a computer screen all day.
20. getting ridiculously excited about results.
21. getting excited about word counts.
22. almost writing 13 instead of 21. i mean 22.
23. deactivating facebook three times a day.
24. feeling exhausted.
25. dying. definitely dying.



3 05 2014

Something that I saw while I was writing was the OPINEONS that came out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a bright nail as much as the next person but Neon or Fluorescent colours remind me of being five years old and playing with $2 shop polish.
Tell me your opinion on the OPINEONS (Goddamn those words are similar).

Also feel free to discuss on